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Brainstorm Aston

2D/3D Motion Graphics for the Broadcasting Industry

Designers choice for real-time 2D/3D motion graphics in the broadcasting industry

Aston is a 2D/3D motion graphics creation, CG and playout solution developed with designers in mind. Built from the ground up to be extremely user friendly, allowing operators to concentrate on creation rather than pure operation.

Easy to use designer-oriented solution

  • Powerful, next generation CG
  • 2D, 3D and specialised versions available
  • Advanced and intuitive animation logic
  • Flexible text management
  • Incorporates easily into InfinitySet projects
  • Excellent data referencing
Brainstorm Aston

Providing the best solutions for broadcasting graphics

Aston is a name in the broadcasting graphics world that has a long history of providing top-quality motion graphics. It has been built from the ground up to be extremely user-friendly, allowing the designer to be able to concentrate on creating the most impactful graphics possible. Aston is available in multiple versions which cater to the user’s requirements, including the choice between 2D and 3D, as well as specialised versions catering to formats such as elections and weather forecasts.

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“2D or 3D Motion Graphics – Choose what is right for you!

When the most sophisticated tools for 3D graphics are required, Aston provides them all. For applications which do not require such advanced 3D environments, or for designers used to 2D environments, Aston2D is the right choice.
With either flavour, Aston provides a flexible toolset with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, so designers can create and build highly sophisticated graphics.

Beautifully Animated Graphics

Aston is resolution independent and works with any HDTV flavour, 4K or even higher resolutions for larger screens or video walls. Aston is the perfect tool for creating large, animated graphics content to fill screens of any size, format and aspect ratio, in real-time.

Data Driven

For applications like Elections, Sports or Entertainment, data driven graphics are essential to display a large amount of data in a visually attractive manner. Displaying complex data is extremely easy with Aston. Data can be easily linked to template forms and can be input manually or automatically from external sources such as databases, spreadsheets, RSS feeds, etc., thereby allowing for unlimited input sources per production and data cross-references.

Versatile Typography

Aston has a wealth of advanced features to ensure you have the options you need when designing your graphics. Font attributes like size, kerning, tracking, width, border, outline and shadow plus many more are all independently tweakable at any time. Aston can support 3D Fonts with extremely precise rendering quality, supporting features such as curve definition and PBR materials.

3D Motion Graphics
Versatile fonts and typography

Augmented Reality

Aston graphics and projects, including its animation logic and structure, seamlessly integrate with InfinitySet. This enhancess the creation, management and use of graphics content for Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Collaborative Workflow

Aston can seamlessly integrate into collaborative workflow environments, allowing for multiple inputs from designers and other team members involved. In this way, Aston allows for sharing objects, libraries, presets, compositions or complete projects so they are available to any user on the network

Collaborative Workflow Templates

Intelligent Animation Interaction

Brainstorm developed StormLogic to better allow flexibility and improved results when dealing with multiple graphics. StormLogic is a tree structure of templates, and how it is set out defines the way those templates interact with one another on-screen. This might be a difference in entrance animations, or the logic defining which two graphics are permitted to be on air together at the same time. It also extends to graphics being moved in virtual space on the entrance or departure of other graphics.

Animation Interaction with Aston

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