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Brainstorm Edison Pro

Virtual Real Time Presentations Made Easy

The complete solution that transforms any live or online presentation into an immersive experience by using AR and virtual environments.

Turn any presentation into a live virtual experience

Edison PRO is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for creating amazing live, online presentations. Users can start off with a simple PPT or PDF file and then add rich media, from pictures, sound and video to complex 3D objects and animations from the built-in libraries or any other source. Presenters can immerse themselves in a virtual environment and easily control the presentation using standard devices.

Easy to Use, Template Driven

Setting up your presentation is a simple, straightforward process. Load a template, and then drop in your presentation document onto the virtual screen. The presenter’s video feed from a green screen is internally chroma keyed and inserted into the set and you are good to go! Edison comes with a large library of assets ready to use, such as virtual podiums for your presenters, sets, screens for your slideshows, points and more.

Virtual Reality Presentation Software

Turn your presentation into a innovative virtual experience

Connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

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Broadcast Easily

Getting your newly created virtual presentation in front of your audience simple, and you have various options. It can be shared out to to one of the many meeting platforms available, or streamed directly to YouTube. Alternatively, it is easy and straight forward to record your presentation and have it viewed in a non-live setting.

Compatible with Standard Presentation Tools

Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface. The presentation can also be controlled using standard clicker devices, smartphones or table

Virtual Reality Presentation Software

Dazzling live AR presentations in just two steps

Virtual Reality Presentations
Virtual Reality Presentation using PDF files
step 1

Load a template

Edison PRO comes with a library of pre-defined templates, scenes, furniture, pointers, screens and other objects to populate the scene, available as free downloads.

step 2

Insert your PPT/PDF presentation

Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface or a clicking device.

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Turnkey Solution

Edison is sold with a workstation suited to run it, meaning you don’t need to worry about system specs or other hardware issues. This matches the whole philosophy behind Edison, which is to enable the user to create impressive virtual presentations as quickly and easily as possible. Connections are straight forward, with HDMI and NDI.

Edison PRO Turnkey Solution

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