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Enhance your broadcast operations. Integrate high-quality pre-defined 3D graphics into your workflow.

Media Object Software (MOS) Compatible

Neuron is an integrated, template based system that allows for complex graphics integration not only in the newsroom, but also in broadcast traffic operation environments. Initially designed for news operation, Neuron currently integrates in most of the common broadcast workflows, transcending the newsroom to support continuity and broadcast traffic.

Neuron allows journalists, media producers and other users with no prior 3D graphics knowledge to input data into pre-defined templates which are then updated in the system and added to a rundown list for transmission in the playout area.

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Modular Graphics Management

Fully Scalable: Fully scalable broadcast graphics management system that can be tailored to match any channel’s requirements and budget.

Graphics Management: Users can create, manage, edit and schedule template-based graphics within the system, and add them to rundown lists.

MOS Compatible: Neuron is MOS-compatible and integrates with most commonly available newsroom and automation environments.

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Comprehensive Workflow

Broadcast graphics workflows can be complicated with content coming from many sources. Neuron integrates and simplifies the process, supporting the playout of graphics and templates created in Brainstorm products or in other software packages. So, once a series of templates are created, they can be added or imported into the system and modified at any time. Users working at their own desktops, individually yet in a collaborative manner, can log on to the system to access templates and update them for subsequent addition to a schedule. From their workstation, users can see a preview picture or movie of the graphic they have created before adding it to the rundown.

Brainstorm Neuron Workflow

Brainstorm Neuron

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