Multipurpose Playout Solution

Brainstorm OnDemand

OnDemand is a flexible yet powerful playout solution that fits perfectly in any broadcast environment regardless of its complexity.

Modular Graphics Management for Larger Operations

  • Multiple flexible configurations
  • Allows easy management of playout in any order
  • Supports StormLogic to avoid playout mistakes
  • Can control Aston projects embedded in InfinitySet
  • Modify graphics on the fly, quickly and easily
  • Low system requirements, touch screen available
ASTON Election Graphics

Complex graphics management

OnDemand enables the easy management and playout of complex graphics templates in any order and combination, for broadcasters who require more than a simple rundown system. OnDemand has the ability to operate in multiple modes, making it the ideal tool for any playout situation: live sports, channel branding, gameshows, news, tickers, election graphics and many more.

As a highly powerful playout solutiony, OnDemand enables the playout and immediate broadcast of Aston graphics and templates, also allowing them to be edited them on the fly if required. OnDemand even allows users to control Aston projects when embedded in Infinity Set. OnDemand is so closely integrated with Aston that it even understands the specific behaviour of any Aston graphic.

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Playout Flexibility

OnDemand has great flexibility in the ways it can be configured for playout. For example, a single instance of OnDemand can be controlling multiple Aston projects across various render machines. This extends to Aston projects which are embedded within InfinitySet as a 3D object, or being displayed on a virtual monitor.


One of Aston’s great strengths is its StormLogic hierarchical tree. The graphics designer determines the relationship various graphics have with one another, defining the logic they share. This includes whether two graphics can be on air at the same time, the type of transition effect they may have between them, the timings and overlaps of such transitions and much more. OnDemand harnesses this power, allowing for the automatic management of complex interacting graphics.

Aston & OnDemand

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